Sunday, May 3, 2009

Hi it is me Brittany!!
I just want to say if you are a actor and
really want to be a actor or singer in Disney Channel
then write a comment down on how bad you want it.
The Best comment get a price online to get a talent agent
where they live and probally if you want tobe a singer
get to get a recording studio numberS more than one number.
So do you really want to be on Disney Channel?

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Do you want to be a Disney Channel STAR!!

If you want to be a disney channel star then I can help you.
just put your email, your name,what state you live,and more as you want.(no phone numbers).
just put your email.
I will email you a agent number.
I will keep on helping you until you reach to be a star.
I do not take money at all.
I am a actor,sing,i can dance and a I can model alittle.
If you are a director or someone who works with actor
good then you can help me.
I will and have to help eveyone at a time.
the more people come the more i am able to help you for a crassy reason.
If you need my help with your resume and headshot i can help you online.
put your question down if you have one or if you need my help.
the people who the most comment down will get a BIG TREAT from me.
you can email me at